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How can attorneys help a first-time home buyer?

Buying a home is one of the most exciting moments in life. It is an important accomplishment that most people look forward to in their lives. It also, however, involves processes and multiple parties such as realtors, buyers. sellers, home inspectors, insurance appraisers, and sometimes many others. Some of these people will genuinely have your best interest in mind, while others may not make that a priority because they are looking out for themselves first and foremost.

Who is advocating for you?

In this complex process, it is critical to ask yourself who is advocating for you and making your best interests the #1 priority. Usually, in the home-buying process, most parties are concerned with their end of the deal, whether it is a commission or getting a deal done quickly, which is why having someone represent you as your attorney during your home purchase is vital.

During the purchase of your home, an attorney can:

  1. Review all documentation provided by the other party
  2. Know what to ask for as it relates to the state of the property
  3. Negotiate with insurance appraisers
  4. Explain to you much of the terminology used
  5. Draft documents to protect your interests.

In addition to the above, at the time of closing on the property and before, you will deal with several parties and an extensive amount of paperwork that you will have to review in a minimal amount of time, most of which will require that you read documents quickly and pressure to sign them.

Both in the financing and title aspects of purchasing your first home, there is valuable information that you will be expected to read and understand very quickly. Some of that information will bind you for many years.

For these reasons and more, an experienced legal professional can ensure that everything is as it should be, including all legal aspects of the transaction, financing matters and issues involving the title. In addition, you will be able to enjoy purchasing your first home knowing that you are in good hands.