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What happens after a car crash?

Pulling oneself after the chaos of a car crash could save lives. When involved in a collision on a Louisiana road, determining whether anyone is hurt seems like an appropriate first step. Seeking medical assistance for the injured may ensure accident victims get the care necessary to address their injuries. If everyone seems “okay,” moving the car to a safer location could reduce the chances of another calamity. Things don’t necessarily end here, though. The at-fault driver and the accident victims might have several other steps they need to take.

Actions to take after a car accident

All parties to the crash might take the expected action of gathering insurance and contact information. Sometimes, the at-fault driver or the victim may action irrational or even violent. Contacting the police might add some control to the situation. Contacting the police could be a good idea even when no one behaves inappropriately. The police would compile a report that could become evidence in a civil suit.

Additional evidence may support an insurance claim or a personal injury lawsuit. Photographs documenting the accident scene add compelling visuals to repair estimates produced by body shops. Getting contact information from witnesses may help matters since they could describe negligent actions by an at-fault party.

Additional steps after a car crash

Although someone doesn’t experience any apparent signs of an injury, visiting the doctor could be beneficial. Someone could suffer harm and not know it or might not take symptoms seriously. Headaches and back pain, for example, might indicate serious problems that require treatment.

Medical records could become vital evidence in a personal injury lawsuit. The documents may substantiate serious harm and support claims for compensation.

An insurance settlement could resolve the matter, and a claim against another driver’s liability coverage might suffice. Speaking to your own insurance company might be necessary when the at-fault driver has no insurance or too little insurance. An uninsured/underinsured motorist claim could cover the losses.