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Why you should get an attorney to help with probate in Louisiana

While you don’t need to hire a lawyer to go through probate in Louisiana, the process of probate can get complicated. Having a trusted attorney who knows Louisiana law might make a dramatic difference during a difficult process. Even a one-time consultation may help ensure that you take the necessary steps to get started on the right foot.

The role of a probate attorney

Estate law attorneys provide legal advice and give greater insight into the process of probate. The role of the attorney can change depending on whether the decedent maintained a will.

An attorney may help you with transferring real estate and assets appropriately to the beneficiaries. If you’re the executor, the beneficiaries can hold you legally responsible for any mismanagement of funds, so hiring an attorney can help you avoid mistakes and ensure that beneficiaries are given the appropriate assets.

Lawyers may also help with paying any outstanding debts through the estate and offer additional help ensuring that you collect all of the proceeds from any life insurance policy. Lawyers may also help with some of the more complex tax issues that arise.

During the process of probate, you may need to file legal documents requested by the probate court. An attorney may help ensure that all of the paperwork gets filed promptly. Consulting an attorney to assist you with probate may greatly simplify the process, and it also serves as additional support to help you navigate any disputes and tax issues.

Finding the right attorney for your probate needs

A probate attorney may make the process of going through probate easier. Many factors go into the decision to hire an attorney, including the value and complexity of the state. Many issues can crop up during probate, so an attorney may be beneficial as you navigate the process.